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Switzerland 🇨🇭

Selma Finance AG
Rütli 9c
6415 Arth

Finland 🇫🇮

Selma Finance Oy
Lapinlahdenkatu 16
00101 Helsinki

Patrik Schär, CFA
Founder, CEO
Patrik is a banker (MSc) and financial analyst that takes care of our algorithms and customers. After more than 10 years in the Swiss banking industry he feels investing has to become simpler and more transparent. If Patrik isn’t in the office he’s playing impro theater. 🎭
Kevin Linser
Founder, Marketing lead
Kevin is a marketer (MSc), who is specialised in service and brand development. He helps you to get started with Selma and keeps you up to date. Outside the office you can spot him🎿 or 🏃.
Mikael Roos
Founder, CTO
Mikael is an entrepreneur and software engineer whose understanding of building great products has taken him from startups to a Fortune 500 company and back. He also likes cooking sous vide 🍔.
Valeria Gasik
Founder, Design lead
Valeria is a UX designer and a seasoned entrepreneur with M.Sc in IT. She makes complex stuff simple and enjoyable. You’ll likely find a lot of doodles on her desk. ✍️.
Niklas Linser
Community Manager
Niklas is taking care of the community at Selma. He is an expert in communication, holds a degree in international economics and is way too passionate about 🎾.
Dr. Stefan Jaecklin, CFA, FRM
Senior Advisor
Stefan was a partner of Oliver Wyman and responsible for the European wealth management division. He is an expert in portfolio strategy and also holds a PhD in this field. He is primarily responsible for Selma's overall asset management methodology.

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Investing money should be easy to understand, fast, fairly priced and exciting. We’re building Selma so that anyone can enjoy investing – regardless if you’re a pro or just starting up. 😊

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