This was our April Fools' prank 2017. Read the full story here.

The most personalized investments
based on your browser history

Things that you search online defines who you are. With Selma you can now invest in these very same things!

🔐  For your eyes only


´cat videos´

🔐  For your eyes only

Ok… Come on.
We wouldn’t really do this.

Happy April Fools' Day! 😊

Selma is the most personalized way to invest in Switzerland, but we would never go through your browsing history.
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Based on the true you

Selma uses AI, big data mining open APIs to access data across the web. We help you invest your money based on what you do online.

100% secure

Your data is stored in a fully isolated environment in a Swiss mountain. Selma leverages EU and US Data Exchange Laws.

Backed by research

Selma uses high frequency trading technology to keep your costs low. Our servers co-exist in the same quantum with the stock exchange.

Finally a breach of privacy that has led to something useful.
Edward Snowden
Computer professional
Selma makes so much sense. Identity is everything I have ever done.
Evan Spiegel
CEO, Snapchat
This will guarantee me 242 % return every month. That’s at least twice or four times more than what I get now.
Kellyanne Conway
Counselor to POTUS

What your browsing history tells about you as an investor?