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db x-trackers II Australia SSA Bonds UCITS ETF 1C

Deutsche Bank Australia SSA Bonds

Bonds Australia

The Index tracks the performance of tradable debt (bonds) denominated in Australian Dollars and issued by Australian sovereigns, foreign sovereigns, supranational organisations, sovereign agencies or local government authorities. The Index reflects bonds which meet certain eligibility criteria, including bonds which meet certain minimum ratings. Each bond is weighted within the Index according to certain criteria. Generally the weighting of a bond issued by any issuer except an Australian sovereign is limited to 20%, except for the highest weighted issuer for which the weight may be 35%.

Australian Dollar
Use of profits
Replication method

Low Fees & Medium Risk


db x-trackers II Australia SSA Bonds UCITS ETF 1C fees: 0.25%
Total expense ratio

1 / 1 in index
132 / 165 in bonds


db x-trackers II Australia SSA Bonds UCITS ETF 1C volatility: 13.07%
1y volatility

54 / 165 in bonds
505th highest in all funds

Fund Size

Assets under management

1 / 1 in index
135 / 165 in bonds

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Performance (EUR)

No performance data available for this fund.

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